She Knows How She Might Behave

Tracy Hanna
Mon 15 Apr

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The effect cars have on our subconscious can't be measured easily. It can be suggested through poetry in ways. We weave together a society that fails, constantly. Our awareness and disassociation. This association has led us to lead more complicated mesh in our time. In bold, old and gold ways we learn how to be a bit better. We live with each other. Sometimes we don't like each other. Sometimes we do. And cars have a lasting effect on our economy so we respect them.

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She Knows How She Might Behave © 2018
Developed by Hybrid Publishing,
Willem de Kooning Academy
Audio, text and images © Tracy Hanna (
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-94-92479-09-9

Author: Tracy Hanna
Editor: Renée Turner
Coordinators: Loes Sikkes and Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Design and development: Megan Hoogenboom
Album printed by Mobineko
Inserts printed by Tracy and Megan at Publication Station

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