Crangon Crangon

Jade Ruijzenaars
Thu 31 May



Crangon Crangon © 2017

Developed by Hybrid Publishing,
Willem de Kooning Academy
Text © Jade Ruijzenaars
Photography © Philip Grobler (pp.7,13), Sofie van Esch (pp.4,8,14), Jade Ruijzenaars (p.10)
All rights reserved
ISBN 978-94-92479-04-4

Most of the shrimp consumed in the Netherlands is caught in the North Sea, transported to Morocco for peeling, and then shipped back again to Europe. A shrimp consists for 60% to 70% of its shell, which is not suitable for consumption. The opening of a large mechanised peeling centre in the Netherlands has led to increased visibility of the problem of waste. This production system and resulting waste are invisible to consumers. Jade Ruijzenaars explored this issue, and experimented with a new application for shrimp shells in ceramic glazing in order to tell the story of this industry.

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Author: Jade Ruijzenaars
Editor: Renée Turner
Coordinator: Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Editing and translation: Johanna Monk
Illustrations: Marrit van Nattem
Web design and art direction: Silvio Lorusso
Print design: Niels Vrijdag
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