Blindly Organised

Sophie Dirven
Wed 24 Oct
How can the knowledge developed by blind and visually impaired people be applied to a broader public?




Blindly Organised © 2018
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ISBN 978-94-92479-08-2

As a social (open) lifestyler, I make extensive use of the users as designers method. This means that my focus is always on the users of a product. Involving users in the design process allows for an optimally functioning final result that perfectly addresses the needs of the target group.

Blind people can help other people find structure and focus in the chaos of contemporary society. We can all learn something from Julia, a visually impaired 80-year old woman who has developed her own system of organisation? Julia organises the contents of her handbag using various smaller bags of different colours, shapes and textures.

With this research, I hope to encourage and inspire other designers to apply the knowledge and the systems developed by blind and visually impaired people and to make these available to others.

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Author: Sophie Helene Dirven
Editor: Deanna Herst
Translation and corrections: Johanna Monk
Coordinators: Loes Sikkes and Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Design: Amy Guijt
Developer: Lucia Dossin
Printed by: Pantheon Drukkers

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