Rosalie van Pinxteren
Wed 23 Feb

Adobefashion: on the reality of the real in the representation of fashion by Rosalie van Pinxteren, 2021

A striking contradiction dominates the current digital fashion landscape: distorted, manipulated images exist alongside ‘real’ photos meant to show commonness and spontaneity. These two opposing aesthetics, of the real and artificial, seem to depend on each other to represent today’s reality. I don’t think there is one, singular, answer to what reality is. Neither do I believe that it is possible to embody “reality” in any specific form since, just like authenticity, “reality” is an immaterial idea.

With this work, I want to make people rethink the relationship between digital imagery and our physical world, while emphasizing the fluid definition of today’s fashion design. In this book, I have collected a series of case studies – experimental probes of the contradictions and paradoxes of the representation of fashion within internet culture. By using fashion as the primary medium, these images also serve to confront people with their distorted, or paradoxical, perception of our world.

The physical publication is available for sale via the webshop of Underbelly

Author: Rosalie van Pinxteren
Editor: Max Bruinsma
Coordinator: Kimmy Spreeuwenberg
Design and development: Arthur Boer & Boris Smeenk

About the author
Rosalie van Pinxteren

Human behaviour has always fascinated me. In my work, I aim to find a balance between theory and creativity. Though fashion is my main medium, I feel fashion, I feel fashion goes beyond the physical aspects of it.