ADMISSION PART B : Questionnaire 

Once you have submitted your WdKA application and your request is approved, you will have access to a personal intake page. Here you can find the online questionnaire.

We kindly request to not email the answers or upload a document including your answers.

Please make sure to fill in the questionnaire online for the completion of your WdKA admission. In preparation of the remote admission, you can consult the questions below.

We have formulated a few questions to get an impression of who you are and your motivation for your choice of study.  

  1. Could you explain why you want to study art at an art academy and why you choose the WdKA?
  2. When you are making (art) work, who or what inspire you in the process?
  3. Describe why and how art (all art) interest you and illustrate it with some examples.
  4. Can you give us an example how you use your art to react or reflect on your cultural background and/or social trends?
  5. Can you give us an example of how you deal with critical feedback?
  6. Can you share with us your wishes and expectations about the upcoming years of studying art at the department of your choice?
  7. What are you good at or proud of?
  8. What do (think) you need to learn, to become the artist/designer/creative you want to be?

Additional question for Dual Degree applicants

  1. What is, for you, the value of combining an artistic and academic study at WdKA and
    Erasmus University?