Practical Information

How do I apply?

You start your application by sending a request for enrollment through Studielink ( When you start your application in Studielink, please select  ‘Hogeschool Rotterdam’ or ‘Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences’ in order to submit your enrollment request for Willem de Kooning Academy (WDKA). Willem de Kooning Academy is part of Hogeschool Rotterdam/ Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, hence the selection. Afterwards you will receive a student number within five to eight working days by e-mail.

With this student number you fill in the online WdKA application form at WdKA Admission. After this request has been approved, you will be able to  start with the remote entrance exam.

Please note: that the application request is only final when you register/apply at both platforms; Studielink and the WDKA online form.

What is the application deadline?

The registration deadline for Studielink AND application through the WdKA website:
EU – May 1st 2022
NON-EU  March 1st 2022

*These deadlines differ from the upload deadlines (uploading of your exam). 

FINE ART - We kindly request Fine Art applicants to register at least a week prior to the upload deadline of March 27; since it can take up to a week before the student number is received. 

What are the upload deadlines of the remote entrance exam?

WdKA organizes 3 rounds, during which we carry out the admission assessments. You can register for these rounds through the link listed below.  The results of the assessments will be communicated within 4 weeks of the deadline.

Round 1 & 2 are the main admission rounds. If you wish to apply in round 3, please note that we might have a limited number of places left for certain programs. The chances for placement will be smaller than in the first two rounds. Should you apply in the 3rd round and there are no available spots, you can choose to be placed on a waiting list. In case a spot becomes available, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Deadline Round 1:  March 27th 2022  - EU & NON-EU applicants & Fine Art applicants

Deadline Round 2:  May 8th 2022  - EU applicants

Deadline Round 3:  June 5th 20202  - EU applicants

Leisure & Event Management applicants can consult the link below for the deadlines and admission process.

Frequently asked questions, here
Application Fine Art, here.
Application Dual Degree Bachelor/ RASL, here.
Tuition fee, here.
Additional requirements International students, here

What is the Student Service Centre (SSC)?

The Student Service Centre is the central department of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (WDKA) where all matters related to the student registration/administration are handled. The Student Service Centre will have a final say when it comes down to the assessment of the hard copies of the diploma, grade list and English proficiency.

After submitting your registration request through Studielink, our Student Service Centre will be the first contact. Informing you about the following registration steps.

Can I apply as a 2nd year student (or higher) ?

At Willem de Kooning Academy you can apply as a higher year student, which means year 2. You can select "higher year" in the application form on our website. The assessors will firstly determine, based on your remote entrance exam if you are eligible to start in year 1.  Thereafter it is up to the exam committee to assess your academic documents and confirm a higher year admission.

What is a WdKA remote entrance exam?

In order to be assessed on artistic level you will have to upload 2 home assignments, fill in a questionnaire, upload a portfolio and a link of a personal introduction video, max length 1 min. This all together is the WdKA remote entrance exam. Click here for more information.

What should my portfolio consist of?

Click here.

How and to whom do I send in my portfolio?

After your WdKA application form is approved, you will be able to upload all the required documents for the remote entrance exam through the application portal. Including your portfolio. Please do not email your portfolio to WdKA. In case you encounter any difficulties uploading the portfolio, please email to

Application Form 

Portfolio checklist


Can my eligibility be assessed before I officially apply for admission?

Unfortunately we are not able to pre-screen diplomas of applicants via phone or email, before participating in the WDKA remote entrance exam.

If you hold or will hold a Dutch diploma, your diploma will be verified through DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). Non-Dutch diploma or diploma statements will be pre-screened once you have been admitted on artistic level by Coia Admission (Centre of International Affairs).

How do I know my diploma is eligible to study at Willem de Kooning Academy?

In order to be eligible for any course you must have at least a secondary school diploma that is equivalent to a Dutch HAVO, VWO or MBO Level 4 diploma. If you want to know in advance if your diploma is sufficient, please take a look at the Nuffic site: After you are accepted on a creative level our pre-screening team will evaluate your diploma (non-Dutch diplomas).

Dutch diploma will be verified through DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs).


Can I transfer my credits to Willem de Kooning Academy?

We do not transfer credits. You can apply as a higher year student  (2nd year).
Thereafter the exam committee will assess the possibilities to start in year 2.


Do I need to pay a registration fee?



Can I apply without uploading a copy of my diploma(statement), transcript and English proficiency test?

It is possible to send in your application without uploading these documents. However, please make sure all is uploaded before the deadline for the pre-screening.

NON-EU  18 April

EU July 31


What are the documents I need to upload with my WdKA application?

If you hold or will hold a non-Dutch diploma you will be asked to upload the following:


  • Original certified copy of High School diploma and final transcript* + certified translation from a sworn translator if originals are not in Dutch, English, French, Spanish or German
  • English test results (IELTS academic: 6.0 / TOEFL: 80 TOEFL iBT Home test: 80 / Cambridge FCE: B 173-175 or C 169-172)**
  • Copy of your (valid) passport***


* If at the time of application, you are still in your final year we can also determine your eligibility based on your current transcript plus a statement from your school indicating when and for which diploma you are expected to graduate.


In case you did not find your answer on this page, feel free to send an email to: 

General questions concerning studying at WdKA, can be asked to our Information Desk:
T 0031 (0)10 7944631