Portfolio Checklist


Show us a selection of 10 up to a maximum of 25 self-made visual works, preceded by a creative process.

You get to decide yourself what qualifies as 1 work. This could be 1 painting, or a collection of 20 paintings. It could be 1 object, or a series + the research and process.

Your portfolio could include designs, objects, photos, films, games, animations, gif’s, fashion (accessories), furniture, models, objects, drawings, sketchbooks, posters, campaigns, paintings, documentation of performances, collaborations, usable artifacts and sculptures and anything else you’ve made, designed, or thought of.

We are not looking for a slick, professional portfolio. We don’t expect that from you, nor is that interesting for us. We are curious about who you are, what interests & inspires you, how you look at the world, what type of ideas you have and how you communicate those (visually). For that reason, we ask you to include visualisations of your ideas, experiments, sketches and any other documentation of your creative process.  If you can’t show this in your portfolio, use the assignments as an opportunity to document and show us your process.



With process we mean the journey you take towards your end result. Do you start with inspiration? If so, show us what and who inspires you and how you use that inspiration in your own work. Do you do research into a certain topic, technique or material? Share this research. When coming up with your end result, do you have more than one idea? More often than not, your first idea isn’t your best idea. Show us the different ideas/sketches/designs you have, even if you think they are bad or not interesting. Perhaps you start with one idea, but along the way the idea starts to change. Perhaps you don’t know what the end result is going to be and let the process of experimentation lead you to the end result. Whichever way you work, show us the development of your ideas.  Do you experiment with different techniques, materials, proportions, mediums etc.? Show us the results of these experiments, even if you are not happy with them or do not use them in the end. Take us along your road of discovery. This could be in text, sketches, notes, pictures, video’s etc., whatever suits your method of working.



Check this video on how you can present your sketchbooks and watch other tips & trick for your portfolio from WdKA students, here.




We encourage a multi-disciplinary approach and a broad interest in mediums and techniques. At the same time, keep in mind that major assessors need to see your interest and ability to think and create within the field of choice. (For example, moving image and sound for AV, 3d work for Product and Spatial Design, storytelling for Animation and Illustration etc.) They do not expect you to create “professional” products though.  If you don’t show this in your portfolio, we would encourage you to make at least one of the two assignments more major specific.




If you choose to use text you can do so in Dutch or English.




Make a digital document with a clear overview of your works (maybe by giving numbers to each work) + add the documentation of the process (text and image).  Your portfolio has to be in one file. You can add links to video’s, websites etc. separately on your intake page. (Also put the links in the portfolio file).  Put your name in the file name added by PORTFOLIO.

Max file size: 50 MB
Allowed file formats: PowerPoint & PDF. (You can use for example Keynote or Word to make your presentation but export and save the result as PDF.)




If you made a video and you choose to upload your media to an external online platform (Youtube, Vimeo), make sure the link works, that there is no password or expiration date. If we cannot access it, it will not be looked at and that specific assignment will not be judged.

Keep in mind that the assessors have limited time and can’t view long video’s, or a lot of different videos. If you wish to showcase several video’s or video’s longer than 5 min, for instance when applying for Audio Visual Design or Animation, we advise you to create a showcase/trailer to give a compact overview of the video work. Also, this way you can direct exactly what you want the assessors to view, instead of the assessors scrolling through the video’s and maybe missing the important parts.




If you created an online environment for your portfolio, please make sure you present us with a direct link to the right page. The assessors will not search through websites, how great they may be.

If for some reason you use online databases, please check all links work and redirect to where the assignment can be clearly recognized.




We do not accept: Google docs links, dropbox links, Words files, dozens of separate images, files larger then 50MB, zipfiles, We Transfer or other ways that require a download of your work.