Portfolio Checklist


Make a selection of 10-15 works, preceded by a creative process

For example: designs, objects, photos, films, games, animations, fashion (accessories), furniture, models, drawings, posters, campaigns, paintings, usable artifacts and sculptures.

Please note: apart from these works, please show us some other things you created. Make a careful selection between the two. That way, we can assess to what extent you have an insight in your own qualities and your own work.

Your portfolio, sketches and other works that you upload, need to give us these insights. So please check whether you show both your full capacity and potential, as well as personal and specific fascination for your preferred major and preferences for (for example) materials, techniques, themes and concepts.

We will look for and assess:

  • your expressive and creative abilities;
  • your feeling for colour, form and material;
  • originality and inventiveness in your work.


Add your sketches, tests, try-outs and experiments

Upload sketchbooks, collections of ideas, scrapbooks, coasters with inventions drawn on the back, material experiments, prototypes, scale models, test prints and first versions. All of this can be related to the 10-15 works mentioned above.

We would like to gain insight in your design and creating process. We would like to see how you came to create a final version or design through sketching, trying, testing and experimenting first. We would like to see that you are able to challenge yourself and to further explore your first ideas.

It is important for us to see:

  • that you can critically reflect on your work and challenge yourself;
  • that you see and observe the world around you and react on whatever you notice;
  • if and how you are self-directing and self-learning and able to make choices;
  • if and in what way you possess creating potential and can communicate through images.


Answer our questions about your ambitions and motivation

An online questionnaire is also part of the remote admission. We would like to know more about your choice of major and what you think you can expect from us. Who inspires you? What would you like to learn from us? If you prefer, you can add an introduction video to elaborate on the questions asked in the questionnaire or tell us additional information about yourself/interests that would be beneficial to know for your admission. Please no longer than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions, please contact our student administration:
T +31 (0)10 794 4631