Are you a creating pioneer or looking for one? Collaborate with us and work on innovative solutions for tomorrow challenges.



Our education thrives on the interchange of knowledge with the outside world. Working on boundary-breaking projects and looking for creative partners? In desperate need of hands-on and media savvy interns? Don’t hesitate and contact us. Our External Affairs & Communication office connects your professional practice to our students, tutors and expertise.


Given the educational views of Willem de Kooning Academy, a focus on professional practice is essential. We believe an outward scope is the starting point for learning. By working on real and cross-disciplinary projects, students get a taste of their future profession. They take part in the complete design process while becoming familiar with project skills such as planning and budget. In addition, your company or institution taps into the knowledge and skills of a young breed of creating pioneers. Ready to collaborate? Fill out our project application form. For more information on our projects and activities, please contact our project coordinator.

Are you interested in assigning a graduation project to our students? We are always looking for new partners. Please contact us via If the assignment meets criteria, it will be shared with students, otherwise, you will receive a written notification. Graduation period: February till June.


Our Marketing & Communication department acts as an intermediary between students and companies. We provide information and advice to students, tutors, supervisors, internship supervisors and companies offering internships. Most importantly, we take care of the paperwork and make sure all parties involved know what to expect before the start of the internship. On top of this, we invite professionals and students to exchange skills, knowledge and experiences during our annual portfolio night.


The WdKA is proud of its extensive links with other institutions throughout the world. Our collaboration takes an array of different forms, ranging from student and teaching exchange, as well as partnerships in the field of joint research on global issues.
We are committed to international collaboration and are the member of CUMULUS and ELIA, both network associations, which promotes international collaboration among its members' institutions across the world.
We participate actively in the European Erasmus programme to promote mobility and cooperation between students and staff of different European countries and our extensive network of international exchange partners provides opportunities for students and staff to gain international experience in the wider global community. For more information please contact