Welcome new colleagues!

Tue 12 Oct
  • New Lector Commercial Practices

We are welcoming Aymeric Mansoux as new lector of Commercial Practices. Aymeric is an artist, musician and media researcher, with a background in economics, fine art, graphic design, and computer programming. For the past twenty years, Aymeric's work and research has explored the value, sustainability, and impact of alternatives modes of organisation and production. He received his PhD in 2017 from the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths University of London for his investigation of the techno-legal forms of social organisation within free and open source based cultural practices. The same year he was tasked to design and lead the Experimental Publishing master course (XPUB) at WdKA/PZI. In more recent years, the scope of his interest has narrowed increasingly in relation to alternative economic models and the climate crisis in the context of art and culture production. While there seems to be a consensus that artists and designers will have a key role in responding to the need to transition to a sustainable economy, it remains to be found how exactly and under which new constraints. These questions will be central in defining the new Commercial Practices at WdKA.


  • New Programme Leader Commercial Practices

Catelijne van Middelkoop succeeds Kirsten Eerland as Programme Leader of Commercial Practices. Catelijne will continue to strengthen the positioning of the Commercial Practices inside and outside of the WdKA and builds upon the insights she gained from her experience as a (Full) Professor of Practice at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty of TU Delft, the practice based research she conducts as a research professor (Practor) at SintLucas in Eindhoven and Boxtel as well as her international career as a professional design practitioner and educator. Her main objective is to reinstate the practice of making as the core of art and design education, as “using our power to give form, rather than allowing the future to take shape” is one of the key competences needed to cope with the societal and environmental challenges we face together.
Kirsten Eerland continues to work as a tutor in various courses and projects within the academy and will contribute to the co-development of the strategic partnership network of the Commercial Practices.


  • New Programme Leader Social Practices

From November 1 Sumia Jaama succeeds Clara Balaguer as the new Programme Leader Social Practices. Clara will stay connected  to the Master Experimental Publishing and the Social Practices as Research Lecturer and tutor.
Sumia Jaama is a poet, producer, educator and coder. She is the winner of FourHubs’ 2018 Poetry Prize and founder of SAWTI. She is also a Barbican Young Poet Alumni and a member of Octavia, poetry collective for womxn of colour. She often writes about memory, movement and the cyclical process of leaving. Her work has most recently been published in Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry and has previously worked with: Royal Academy of Arts, Keats House Museum, Southbank Centre, Belfast Book festival, Roundhouse, Bush Theatre, Sauti za Busara festival and Metro54.


  • New Practices Leader of Interdisciplinary Pedagogy & Didactics

Skye Maule-O’Brien began at WdKA last year in a cross-practices role supporting the first and second year programmes. Recognising the benefit of having someone to think through and across the Practices to assist in defining interdisciplinary study paths at the academy, Skye is now the Practices Leader of Interdisciplinary Pedagogy & Didactics working with the Practice Leaders and teaching teams of Autonomous, Commercial, Social Practices and the Honours Programme.