WdKA+PZI Programmes Receive NVAO Accreditaion

Willem de Kooning Academy
Sat 1 Feb

Enhancing Quality in the Arts (EQ-Arts) is proud to report that it has completed two successful programme accreditations in the Netherlands at Piet Zwart Institute as well as Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. The programme accreditations were conducted on behalf of The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

About EQ-Arts: EQ-Arts has evolved out of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) Thematic Networks Europe into a fully independent ENQA affiliated incorporated organisation that offers a critically supportive approach towards Quality Assurance and Enhancement for the Higher Arts Education sector, conducting rigorous institutional and/or subject peer review undertaken by an international panel of EQ-Arts trained and experienced QA reviewers.

Extract from the official EQ-Arts Report

BA Fine Art and Design

The review team applauds WdKA’s ambition to educate students for the future and recognizes that the programmes go beyond merely supplying graduates for today’s professions and actively contribute to shaping the future cultural sector. The review team highly commends the drive and ambition with which the institution put into place an innovative curriculum and learning environment. It agrees that this redesign contributes to the redefinition of art education to better match the requirements of the current and future professional field. The curriculum is well structured and fosters transdisciplinarity by combining both disciplinary components (majors) and interdisciplinary components (practices), according to the review team. The review team also notes that research is well embedded and strongly integrated into the programmes.
Moreover, the programmes facilitate students to develop resourceful and entrepreneurial skills and allow students to create their own learning path, according to the review team. The study career coaches, who support students in this area, are considered a great asset of the programmes by the review team. Also, teaching staff are adequately qualified. The review team especially appreciates the student-centred approach and accessibility of the teachers. The review team is impressed by WdKA’s facilities and the Stations, in particular, providing students with a very good environment for developing skills and experimenting across disciplines.

MA Fine Art and Design

The review team established that:

  • The intended learning outcomes are befitting in terms of domain, level and orientation,
    and contain the international perspective embodied by the professional field;
  • Each pathway has its own distinct profile that is relevant to the education provided and
    the professional ambitions envisaged;
  • Programme tutors are highly dedicated professionals with great commitment to the
    students and the respective pathways;
  • MFAD can rely on good material facilities, a strong virtual learning environment and a
    robust supporting infrastructure;
  • Student assessment is particularly strong in development-orientated feedback;

The Exam Board safeguards the quality of assessment:

  • By the time they graduate, students have achieved the competencies and learning
    outcomes of the programme (pathway);
  • MFAD graduates are ready for a befitting professional and possibly academic career.

WdKA & PZI self-evaluation publication

Fine Art & Design Teacher Training

Fine Art & Design Teacher Training had been assessed on 17 and 18 October 2019 by AeQui. The overall assessment of the committee was very positive, the programme meets all standards. The committee was very impressed, the programme has a real "wow factor". The programme has a broad intake, broad profile and broad outflow; an explicit choice of the programme. The challenges and dilemmas that this choice entails have now been overcome. According to the committee, the "maker of pedagogue" and "artist educator" are central to the profile and recur throughout the program in a consistent and coherent way. On the one hand, the study programme offers a very tight basis and structure for teaching methods, internships and testing and, on the other hand, the study program offers room for individual choice. There is guidance, but there is also room for self-direction.

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