WdKA x Codarts: ROAM Festival, April 22

Wed 12 Apr

On April 22nd, students from Codarts and Willem de Kooning Academy participated in a collaboration project with de Doelen as part of the ROAM Festival.

The ROAM Festival has the aim of engaging new audiences through an innovative way of performing Classical Music in a warm and relaxed atmosphere: ground-breaking productions, crossovers and many more different ways to enjoy classical repertoire within a new shape and perspective accompanied by new generations of artists. ROAM offers a a journey of discovery through concerts, performances, installations and screenings. Come explore interactive light installations, concerts and performances. Immerse yourself, choose your own path, listen, dance, feel, taste and participate!

Boris Acket was the main guest artist. He brought four impressive light installations from Berlin, that form the core of the evening, with performances by Joep Beving, Jameszoo, Binkbeats, Genevieve Murphy, Lumus Instruments and Slagwerk Den Haag, among others, interacting with them. In their performances, these established artists collaborate with students from Codarts Rotterdam and the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Two of the participating students from Willem de Kooning Academy are Michael May and Leon Sperling. Michael May, Spatial Design student at WdKA, assisted Boris in Durée, with the sounddesign - creating audiovisual landscapes together with Boris and Slagwerk den Haag, percussion students from Codarts and 2 Classical Music singing students from Codarts. Michael May has been following Boris for a while already: “Even though I've never been able to visit any of his exhibitions, I get very inspired by his visual language and the experimental atmospheres he creates. The collaboration between physical objects, lights and sound on a big scale is something that I aim to be doing in the future as well.This comes as a great opportunity to me and I’m looking forward to participating in this collaboration.”

The other student assisting Boris and Michael in Durée, is Leon Sperling. Leon is a German and Argentinian audiovisual design student living in Rotterdam. He spends most of his time making music and doing sound design for his projects, usually focusing on dark melancholic atmospheres and emotions. When it comes to ROAM, Leon is interested in seeing the different ways sound design can be approached, from software uses to techniques in the design of the sound itself: I’m very enthusiastic about participating in ROAM because now I get to witness the process of the project taking place, which is very valuable to me”, says Leon.