WdKA Vitality Office

Fri 25 Mar

In February 2020 a specially developed Vitality Program for the art academy context kicked off.WdKA Vitality aims to stimulate, facilitate and amplify the vitality of students or employees. Preventive vitality interventions focus on the improvement of one’s sense of purpose, happiness, balance, energy and well-being. The vitality interventions are based on a plethora of themes and topics (mental, social, physical or spiritual well-being) wherein the wishes and needs of the community are utilised as guidelines.

In two years’ time, over 100+ vitality events and workshops took place. Also the Vitality Community platform was launched with the goal to collaborate, share, inspire and connect. All vitality interventions are available for free for students and employees of the WdKA, both online or at the academy.

Vitality Community

The Vitality Community is a space and platform to inspire, connect, share, network and collaborate in projects, assignments, and topics related to well-being and vitality. You can join the WdKA Vitality Community team in Microsoft Teams.

Events / Workshops

The Vitality Office offers events and workshops related to vitality on a weekly basis that are especially developed to break from work or study and gain more energy, balance, recovery and relaxation. Moreover, they can (co)-create a vitality event or workshop on request just for your team or classroom, specifically adapted to personal situations, wishes and needs.


The Vitality Office also offers confidential coaching sessions by a certified vitality coach. The purpose of these sessions is to support the coachees (student or employee) to achieve their own goals and feel more joyful, energized, healthy, supported and balanced.

Walk & Talk Buddy

Are you as a student looking for another student from the academy to have good conversation? You can walk & talk with a Vitality student-intern. Walking outside in fresh air and sunshine together while engaging in social connection, supports many overall vitality benefits.

Bottom-up Policy Advise

The Vitality Office researches the vitality and well-being wishes and needs in our WdKA community bottom-up and co-initiates new changes, plans, interventions, policies (both top-down and bottom-up) with a focus on amplition and prevention.


For more information about the Vitality Office, you can visit their page on myWdKA, subscribe to their events via Station Skills or send an email to