WdKA Alumni 2018 at SBK Dordrecht

Willem de Kooning Academy
Sat 1 Sep

SBK Dordrecht presents:

Higher Animal

01.09.2018 - 31.10.2018

On Saturday, September 1st, 2018, SBK Dordrecht has officially opened the exhibition 'Higher Animal'. Participating artists are this year's WdKA graduates: Irma van Doornmalen (Fine Art/Autonomous Practices), Puck Litaay (Lifestyle Transformation Design/Commercial Practices), Perrine Philomene (Lifestyle Transformation Design/Social Practices), Lana Prins (Photography/Autonomous Practices) and Caio Vita (Graphic Design/Autonomous Practices).

Irma van Doornmalen (NL)

While studying Fine Art at WdKA Irma aimed to create interdisciplinary projects. Within collaborations between dancers, theatre-makers, and composers she literally brings her visual artwork to life and invites the spectator to slowly enter her surrealistic landscape. The sound for the installation shown at 'Higher Animal' exhibition is designed by Samuel Serafin Bietenhader.

Puck Litaay (NL)

Puck has graduated with the film 'A Death in the Family', a dystopian trend forecast to show people the dangers of a possible future where hyper-personalisation is the status quo.

Perrine Philomeen (NL)

Perrine Philomeen is a visual stylist fascinated by the worldwide transition from traditional/cultural non-western clothing to western clothing and vice versa. She encountered examples of such a mix of clothing and accessories at various locations in Rotterdam, Jakarta and Nairobi. Perrine Philomeen aims to contribute to increasing of the attention for the hijab in the fashion world and to broaden the assortment for Muslim women.

Lana Prins (NL)

Lana Prins makes poetic images of everyday life in her final exhibition 'Blurring the Reality and Fiction'. An intimate story built on personal and shared family memories consisting of reality and fiction, and blurring the distinction between the two.

Caio Vita (BR)

Caio Vita makes interdisciplinary work that focuses on the impact of technology on society as well as on visual culture. 'Imprecisely Human' is an investigation of algorithms that are currently being developed. It takes a look at systems used to identify and categorise visual data, and use tools designed to create a digital representation of the human to trick the algorithm.

Cover image: Irma van Doornmalen, a still from PLASTICITY Performance.

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