Spread Knowledge, not Germs

BlueCity Lab
Tue 31 Mar
As the COVID-19 virus spreads, BlueCity focuses on spreading knowledge, not germs. We all stay at home as much as we can and take our meetups online. For all the WdKA students and tutors, BlueCity has a full week ahead filled with impactful events.

Every Tuesday from 15:00 to 17:00

Make It Circular - Meetup 
For students who like to use the network, facilities and inspiration from BlueCity for their school work
Students join via Microsoft Teams, registration via this form.

April, 7th at 19:30

How To Biodesign #2: Bioluminescence as City Lights
How can we go from dead (artificial) to living (biological) lights? A designer, scientist and entrepreneur share their experience on using bioluminescence organisms as lights. For students interested in genetic modification for a circular economy. Get your ticket via this link and fill in HRSTUDENT as discount code.

April 9th, from 17:00

Impact Café: From A to B in a Circular City
Every second Thursday of the month BlueCity & Hogeschool Rotterdam organise an Impact Café, a monthly Café for students and tutors from all departments of Hogeschool Rotterdam who want to do something with/for the circular economy (or already do it) and want to connect to the entrepreneurs of BlueCity. On Thursday, April 9th, the first online Impact Café is dedicated to transportation in a circular city. Expect conversations from startup Juuve (carsharing) and from lecturer automotive Constant Staal. Register here to get access to the ZOOM ROOM.