Read My Lips: No New Taxes.

Jan 25 2019

The performance Read My Lips: No New Taxes. by Amy Pickles will take place on Friday, January 25th between 19:00 and 19:20 hrs in Galerie Lecq - Kunst aan de sluis.

Read My Lips: No New Taxes. is a performed sound work where the physical structure of Gallery Lecq becomes the speaker and aural/oral cavity for the surrounding architecture. The ear/mouth questions the setting of its body, where internal movement is controlled by the transaction. A speaker is an electroacoustic device and a person who delivers a speech. Here we experiment with distributed sounds to pledge a new narrative.

The sluice commands passage of the waterway, as the bridge controls movement on land. This system is overlooked by the imposing architecture of Rotterdam’s former Tax Office, where personal financial dealings with the municipality allowed bodies to move in the city. The title refers to a statement by George W. Bush in his 1988 election nomination. Though it struck public conscious and helped him win the campaign, these words are now said to have hurt Bush politically, living on as a broken promise.


Curator: Marijke Appelman

Bennet Edwin Kruit x Neuhaus: Selective Auditory Attention Workshop

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Transdisciplinary Compositions Contemporary Challenges

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