PZI MFA at Venice Biennale 2022

Apr 23 2022 Nov 27 2022

This year, the Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Arts traveled to Venice, Italy to visit the 59th Venice Biennale and participate in the exhibition “Personal Structures” organized by the European Cultural Centre and encompasses the work of international contemporary artists, art schools, and organizations. The works of current PZI MFA students will be on display at Palazzo Mora April 23rd until November 27th 2022. The MFA presents an exhibition within an exhibition curated by studio Shimmer.  

This exhibition, I Must Be Living Twice, proposes an unfixed quality of artistic production, returning to the studio as a space of powerful inarticulation. We invite the method of the studio into the exhibition to resist the environmental impacts, demands of production pressure, and typecasting that often accompany exhibitions. We attend to the private, tender points in which decisions are made in an artwork. This is where artwork splits off, continues, changes, rejects, or is forgotten.

This collection of work is amassed from the off-cuts or the not-yet-decided of material processes. These are the trimmings, the unworked ideas, the might-have-been that ends up sidelined. These materials have yet to find a footing in an artwork. These could also be the ‘objects’ of influence of painting or your practice over time. Perhaps it is a mirror on the desk, the rocks you keep picking up, or the ever-growing folder of dolphin tattoos.

I Must Be Living Twice features the trimmings, edges, and studio fragments of artists currently enrolled in the Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Art in Rotterdam and is curated by Eloise Sweetman and Jason Hendrik Hansma, co-directors of Shimmer art space.

For more information visit https://personalstructures.com/


On the edge of Rotterdam’s port, Shimmer is a curatorial studio that operates with an ever-changing studio-like mentality where knowledge arises through participation and experimentation. The studio is influenced by anthropologist and feminist theorist Deborah Bird Rose’s talk ‘Shimmer when all you love is being trashed.’ Alongside expanded and durational exhibitions are the events program Sunday Mornings and the mixtapes On the Waves, as a means to move through personal and public space.

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