Product Design X Voedselbank Food for All - Dutch Design Week

Oct 17 2020 Oct 25 2020

Food for All |

Product Design X Voedselbank at Dutch Design Week

Even in a food exporting giant like the Netherlands, access to healthy food for all is not guaranteed.

Product Design students  explore how design can help break taboos, create solutions and awareness around access to healthy, tasty and sustainable food for all.

The mission of Voedselbank is to provide affordable, healthy food to those who need it in the Netherlands. The group of people who depend on Voedselbank has increased in recent years. The effects of Covid-19 on society have meant Voedselbank has become vital to more people than ever. Even in the Netherlands, access to healthy, tasty, sustainable food for all is not a guarantee.

Product Design students from Willem de Kooning Academy worked with Voedselbank to explore the opportunities which are made possible when design is applied to their organisation and the themes surrounding it. The students worked on an individual prototype of their vision for Voedselbank. These are exhibited in a testing capacity. Lessons learned during the Dutch Design Week will go on to inform the development of the proposals before they are finally presented to Voedselbank.

The students worked extensively with a broad scope within which the HUMAN, the FOOD and the SPACE of Voedselbank are investigated via embedded research then and formed into concrete proposals. Each student follows their own interests in order to create a range of ideas from which Voedselbank can make selections to develop further.

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