Next Suburb, 240.000 Miles Out

Jan 17 2020 Jan 19 2020

The Suzanne Biederberg Gallery is pleased to welcome you to the exhibition about space colonisation and art by the 20 Willem de Kooning Academy students.

The exhibition is part of a pilot programme of WdKA students collaborating with scientists at institutes and universities — including space agency ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL) and the Faculty Of Arts And Creative Industries, University of Sunderland (UK).

Next Suburb focuses on Moon/Mars Village, a project developed by ESA. Following a series of lectures about several aspects of space — with Professor of Sexual Cultures Clarissa Smith, Space Industry Consultant Erik Laan, Artists/Tutors Niek Verschoor and Ine Poppe — students will have come up with concepts and projects for Next Suburb, 240.000 Miles Out*. The students bring to the programme various skillsets — spatial and graphic design, project design, fashion design, fine arts, audiovisual design, etc. The results — prototypes, models, visuals — will be shown at the Suzanne Biederberg Gallery.

Next Suburb events have begun at Willem de Kooning with lectures on 6th - 8th January, followed by workshops at ESA and will end with the exhibition at the gallery on January 17th - 19th. For further information and press materials, please contact the gallery.

Cover photograph by Ine Poppe

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