Job Opportunity - Coordinator Study Career Coaches

Tue 19 Oct

The Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (WdKA/RUAS), offers a variety of bachelor (circa 2400 students) and master programs (circa 150 students) in the field of visual culture, art, design, education in arts, and leisure management.

The curriculum of the Willem de Kooning Academy is founded in the Majors as preparation on the profession of choice and on an interdisciplinary ethos through the Autonomous, Social and Commercial Practices. The Majors are the entry point of study for all Bachelor students; the various Practices are the interdisciplinary research contexts in the second half of the Bachelor programs and of the graduation pathway. The highly unique Stations (advanced workshops focused on Research through Making) complete the set of the three pillars of the Bachelor programs

At the moment we are looking for:

Coordinator Study Career Coaches WdKA (0,5 fte)