Coronavirus Update for Students & Staff

Willem de Kooning Academy
Tue 7 Apr

Please check your HR email and MyWdKA for detailed updates

Update April 3rd, 18:00

Educational activities have been cancelled at all locations until June 1st

Dear Employees and Students,

The duration of the closure of WdKA facilities is extended until June 1st. That means that for all courses the shift to online education will continue. Online education is now the norm. Classes and individual coaching will continue as scheduled and all students are expected to attend these online activities.
All assessments will be organised online as much as possible. Please contact your Student Career Coach or Pro-coach for guidance.

HR email and MyWdKA:

For being timely informed on lessons and assessments, it is imperative that you read your HR-emails and check MyWdKA or Microsoft Teams on a regular basis as those are the only means WdKA communicates official information. If you have not received any information on lessons, electives or assessments from your teachers, please contact them directly. All lessons and educational activities have started up online. Course leaders have informed everyone to the best of their knowledge about how specific lessons and events that will not be able to continue as planned are replaced by alternatives. Please act if you do not have the necessary information, check your email first.

Graduate students:

All students, bachelors and masters, who are about to graduate this year have our full attention. Lack of facilities will have an impact on the materialisation of their final work. We are looking into alternatives for ‘materialising’ and the Stations. Graduation manuals (Design & Fine Art) have been adjusted and made available on mywdka platform, describing the graduating process under new circumstances.

Leisure & Events Management students will be informed regularly by their graduation coordinator. Master students will be informed about the procedures of graduating by the individual course directors.

Graduation Show, what to expect?

The Graduation Show, traditionally held after the exams, is your introduction into the professional field as artist, designer, educator or producer. The Graduation Show 2020 will be affected by COVID-19 outbreak. In consultation with all Art Schools in the Netherlands, all Practice coordinators, Course Leaders and Course Directors we will develop alternative scenarios and inform you as soon as possible.

The circumstances are such that all events of Willem de Kooning Academy and all visits to our Academy have been suspended until further notice, in accordance with government measures. None of you can make use of the Stations facility at this moment. Even if the Stations can open before summer, there will be limited time to produce high-level work before graduation in July.

That is why we offer you, although most of you will graduate in July, to use the Stations to produce your work from September on. This can be the work that you will show in the Graduation programme that we plan to start in the autumn of 2020. So your take off in the profession will not be ‘empty-handed’. The Willem de Kooning Academy aims to introduce you and your work to the public and the professional world in a strong and convincing series of events and we hope to work with you all to make this successful. We envision a working process, with the full participation of you as graduating students, sharing ideas in a well organised collaborative practice.

For WdKA students:

  • Plans are being announced regarding the further implementation of educational activities. Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will provide as much support as possible to facilitate these plans. Instructions on facilities for remote learning will be made available through HINT and MyWdKA.
  • The Blaak-Wijnhaven and KDH buildings are closed from Tuesday, 24th of March. The University Crisis Team has decided to further reduce the accessibility of buildings. In the case of the WdKA, this means that all our buildings are closed completely. These restrictions include both Bachelor and Master students in all facilities.
  • The Mediatheek is closed, but Wilma Knol can provide diverse services: a lot of material is available online. Visit MyWdKA for in-depth information.
    For course leaders: Wilma can create a dedicated additional MyWdKA page for upcoming projects. Students and tutor teams can also send their specific questions on literature research to
  • The measures stated above are in addition to the previously communicated measures such as the travel policy and cancelling certain events, such as the upcoming Open Day. We are monitoring developments and will keep you up-to-date on the latest status reports.

Exchanges and internships:

  • WdKA students who have been called back to the Netherlands and have been faced with extra costs (e.g. penalties for adjusting their flights, broken rental agreements) will have the possibility to get financial support. More information will be sent out to the students eligible for this support. Please apply for compensation with Cora Santjer (
  • If your exchange or internship ended earlier than foreseen, leaving you with fewer credits than needed, we will help you out with a special assignment you can work on, on your own levels and with the appropriate time investment. This assignment is now being developed by a dedicated team, including our WdKA lectors and will be available next week. There will be (online) support for you while working on this assignment.

Tuition fees:

We sympathise with the Dutch and international students who have lost their part-time jobs due to the corona crisis. We understand that this affects your financial situation and might even create difficulties. As an institution funded by the national government, we are not at liberty to waive tuition fees. If you really get into serious problems, we refer you to contact the student counsellors.

Teacher support for online assessments:

Both WOLT and our Education Station will offer support and manuals for teaching staff in the field of assessment tools online. Please check the online magazine published on Hint and WdKA Education support.

The members of the Academy Management Team want to express their respect, admiration and gratitude to all the teachers, support staff and our students who have adapted to these strange circumstances and have turned to online education with such spirit and resilience. We already have seen great examples of online education. They will be published in the next update and may serve as a source of inspiration to everybody.

More questions? Students and staff can find answers on Coronavirus Information page of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences or direct their questions related to the coronavirus  to the Informatiepunt Coronavirus

Additional information about the Coronavirus is available on the websites of National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, and the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond.

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