Hardcore This-That, Day One

Oct 31 2018

Hardcore This-That, Day One

Starting October 31, the theory lecture programme for Social Practices begins. Two hardcore days of lectures, interviews, and reading groups (with frequent breaks for resting, eating, and leisure). Cultural workers connected to the field of social practice will present their work in relation to theoretical texts that were meaningful to them. They will take theory and practice into account as a deictic pair of processes that cannot be fully understood without referring to each other. Theory understood as indexical (pointing) to practice. Practice undertaken as a result or catalyst for theory.

October 31, Wednesday
WORM Boomgaardsstraat 71,
3012 XA, Rotterdam

Miko Revereza. On the performance of being an undocumented immigrant

Miko Revereza (Undocumented) is an experimental filmmaker and an illegal alien. Since relocating from Manila as a child, he has lived in the United States for almost 25 years. This life long struggle with documentation and the exclusion it imposes informs his films, writing and social practice. Miko lives in Los Angeles and is currently earning an MFA at Bard College.

Kata Youn Arian. Regarding artistic and curatorial activism

Kata Youn Arian (IR) is a researcher, curator and writer with an interest in how we understand diversity and often misuse and neglect the reality and contradictions of displacement as it connects to under-exposed histories and the (de)coloniality of knowledge, being and power. Her background in art history and social science/anthropology coalesces in projects ranging from exhibitions to organising discursive events, screenings, reading circles, and other forms of interdisciplinary and collaborative work. Recent curatorial projects include The End of This Story (And the beginning of all Others) (2015) and Voices Outside the Echo Chamber (2016) at Framer Framed in Amsterdam; I Speak in Tongues (2017) at 37PK in Haarlem.

Nick Axel. Concerning institutional alignment and infrastructural agency

Nick Axel (US) is deputy editor of e-flux Architecture. With Beatriz Colomina, Nikolaus Hirsch, Anton Vidokle, and Mark Wigley, he is editor of the books Superhumanity: Design of the Self (University of Minnesota Press, 2018) and Superhumanity: Post-Labor, Psychopathology, Plasticity (Actar, 2018). Independently, Nick has edited Work, Body, Leisure (with Marina Otero Verzier, Hatje Cantz, 2018), the book of the Dutch Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, among others. Previously, he was managing editor of Volume (#44–49), a researcher at Forensic Architecture, and resident at DAAR (Decolonising Architecture Art Residency). Nick currently teaches at Design Academy Eindhoven and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. He graduated from the Centre for Research Architecture in 2014 with distinction, where he conducted geographical, legal and financial research into the deregulation of hydraulic fracturing in the United States.

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