Corresponding Racial Identity

Mar 29 2019

Friday, March 29,

Location: Untitled (ground floor gallery)
Free entrance, reservation is mandatory via ticketlink.


Maud Berden (PZI) & Robert-Jonathan Koeyers(Animation, 2018)

Visit Maud and Robert-Jonathan as they read aloud their correspondence, unpacking how their identities have played a pivotal part in their work, and how they navigate through the world as artists. Using their letters as a tool to address their creative and personal journey, the audience may collectively move through a space as they are asked to rethink their constantly shifting identities. By critically examining their artistic choices and going back and forth about how their identities have influenced the way they make as well as approach work, a dialogue is created where you are invited to look for the differences, or perhaps more interestingly, similarities.

This event is presented as part of Studium Witte de With’s Parallel Curriculum student-led program. For workshop Corresponding Racial Identity, Parallel Curriculum participant Maud Berden started a collaboration with multidisciplinary artist and storyteller Robert-Jonathan Koeyers.

About Parallel Curriculum

Studium Witte de With’s Parallel Curriculum is a peer-led education initiative by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art. Each year, a select group of students collaborate across academic and creative disciplines to bridge different fields of knowledge in higher education, culminating the programming of student-led events.


Language: English

This is the second of two events organised by the students of Parallel Curriculum on the same day, see Mircofunding Dinner for the evening programme.



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