Closing the Distance

Oct 2 2020
WdKA/PZI Master Design Expert Lectures

Friday, October 2nd, 13:30-16:45
Zoom,  register here
Please register for this event before Oktober 1st, 17:00

Second-year students of the WdKA/PZI Master Design take the public along in their design research. Based on a question that is important to them, they start a dialogue with experts who can answer it. The public is invited to contribute. Social designer Nicky Liebregts will moderate the event. Three lectures are in English, three in Dutch.

Participants: Bram van Rens & expert Emiel Ruis; Jasper Jeurens & expert Rosa Hernández; Esmeralde Marsman & expert Jayne Wallace; Isabel Quiroga & expert Juliette Huygen; Karla de Witte & expert Wendelien Voogd; Nanna van Heest & expert Barbara Collé.

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Image credits: Dailytouslesjours, Rosa Hernández, Jayne Wallace, Isabel Quiroga, Karla de Witte & Nanna van Heest