Bachelor Course Year 2021-2022

Willem de Kooning Academy
Wed 7 Jul

 Update for the academic year 2021-2022 for first year students

Bachelor course year 2021-2022, what to expect?

Willem de Kooning Academy will return to an in real life learning community with social interaction and physical making central to the learning experience.

To this end we urge all students to come to Rotterdam to start up the course year together with their peers. The academy will start the year on August 30th, 2021 with a three days introduction programme which will start online at 09.00hrs. The link to this event will be sent to you in the 'start letter' you will receive just before the summer, together with a student handbook with (practical) information which hopefully helps you to get prepared for your new adventure. Much of the teaching will be in real life. Blended learning activities will be offered for specific teaching situations. 

We realise that for some countries (see list below) traveling to the Netherlands might still be restricted in September. We will do our utmost to accommodate those students (and only those) by streaming classes where possible. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, we expect students to come to Rotterdam.

Should the travel ban continue well into the first semester (after October), students must be prepared to accept that aspects of their studies might suffer and the duration of the studies might need to be extended.

 Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad | Coronavirus COVID-19 |

Countries subject to the flight ban (30/4/2021)

Flights from the following countries have been banned:

South Africa
Dominican Republic
French Guiana

Important Updates Regarding Admissions or 'Studiekeuzecheck'

Dear WdKA application candidates, mid-September 2021 we will publish more information about the admission requirements and application procedure for the Academic Year 2022- 2023.

At the moment we are still operating under the government regulations regarding the effect of the Coronavirus. All admissions for Art & Design programmes and ‘Studiekeuzecheck’ for the Leisure & Events Management programme will continue to be offered in an online version.

Bachelor programmes Fine Art, Design and Teacher Training Admission

Please take into account that your application at Studielink and  WdKA Admission has to be done before March 1st (NON-EU) or May 1st (EU), 2021. It takes five to eight working days to receive your student number, which is necessary to apply for a remote admission.

  • Important Update: Application Deadline Fine Art Department

WdKA has to announce an important change in the procedure and final deadline for applications to the Fine Art Department*. Due to circumstances, we only have a limited capacity to offer places for candidates applying to the Fine Art Department. For this reason, we ask candidates to apply before April 1, 2021. We will evaluate all applications at once and communicate about the results before May 1, 2021.

*Please note: this applies only to the bachelor course (de)Fine Art, not the bachelor course Photography.

  • Deadline non-EU candidates

The first step to take, when you apply for a higher education study in the Netherlands is to apply via Studielink (application site from the Dutch government for studies in higher education) and after that for an Admission in Art & Design. The application deadline for non-EU candidates is March 1st 2021. More information specifically for non-EU candidates you can find here.

  • Assessment rounds remote exam - Upload your exam before one of these dates:

1st – 17 January 2021 – NON EU + EU applicants (all programmes)
2nd – 21 February 2021 – NON EU + EU applicants (all programmes)
3rd – 28 March 2021 – NON EU + EU applicants (all programmes)
4th – 25 April 2021 – EU applicants (all programmes)
5th – 6 June 2021 – EU applicants (all programmes)
6th - 11 July 2021 – EU applicants (Leisure & Event management only)
7th – 15 August 2021 – EU applicants (Leisure & Event management only)

  • What is ‘remote’  admission?

With a 'remote admission' you have to submit your work digitally. You will have to select, make and upload two home assignments together with your portfolio. Additionally, fill in a questionnaire and upload an introduction video of yourself (video is optional, not mandatory). In the video you can elaborate on the questions asked in the questionnaire or tell us additional information about yourself/interests that would be beneficial for your admission. Please no longer than 5 minutes.

We are highly experienced in remote admission through our international Admission experience, so although the current crisis limits us all we are very able to properly assess all new talents!

  • Tips to answer the questionnaire

Please answer this questionnaire carefully and extensively and tell as much as possible about yourself and your motivation. The assessors would like to get a clear picture of you and your motivation about how and why you want to follow this programme.

  • Online Open Day

Keep an eye on this page for more information on the exact dates of our events. Want to double-check your portfolio with one of our students? Do you have questions about remote admission procedure or life at WdKA? We will host several events until June 1 to help you prepare for admission and learn more about our academy.

Bachelor programme Leisure & Events Management, an important update

Due to the present situation, the bachelor course Leisure & Events Management will proceed with ‘online’ portfolio checks. You can apply and upload your assignments and the assessor will assess them ‘online’. If there are questions regarding your application they will contact you personally in the form of an email, skype, zoom or Microsoft teams invitation.

Extra tips for your assignment:

  • Let us know if you were present at ‘proefstuderen’ and/or our Open Day.
  • What expectations do you have from our programme?
  • For the assignment, you will receive 3 articles to read, please express clearly your opinion about the articles in your portfolio assignment.
  • Pay attention to shape and design of your document and if necessary make it visual.

The application/registration deadline for Leisure & Event Managements is
July 31st. Meaning you will have to register through Studielink and send in the digital application form to the academy before July 31st.

*Please note; when you apply after May 1st the outcome of your remote admission exam will be a binding recommendation.

The “studiekeuzecheck” entails uploading the mini portfolio before one of the upload rounds. An (online) interview is not part of the admission.

It takes five to eight working days to receive your student number, which is necessary to apply for a ‘studiekeuzecheck’ here on our website.

Please contact for all your questions regarding your ‘studiekeuzecheck’.

Piet Zwart Institute Master Programmes

In compliance with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and to respond to the ongoing situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), educational activities and offices of the Piet Zwart Institute are operating differently. Please, consult this page for admission details.


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