Start of the Academic Year

Willem de Kooning Academy
Thu 16 Jul

What is it going to be like?

As we look towards the start of the upcoming academic year 2020-21, we are committed to including all possible opportunities for in-person teaching. All students will be physically and regularly attending the academy along with their peers and tutors, working at the stations as often as possible. At the same time, we look forward to applying all we have learned about online ways of teaching and we will continue to make use of digital learning platforms.

The blended- or hybrid learning we are preparing focuses on the essence of art education: we will use time dedicated to in-person teaching for research through making at our work stations and we will facilitate group meetings between students and tutors at the Academy to allow for social interaction and studying together in the WdKA community.

We will offer the best of online teaching in collaborative and innovative projects. We will facilitate the synchronous and asynchronous transmission of skills and knowledge, discovering dynamic ways of creating in a new era. And of course, we will adjust the curriculum as soon as we are allowed to include more in-person teaching.

WdKA has always encouraged students to discover new pathways for themselves by offering a curriculum with plenty of opportunity for making individual choices. These last months have confirmed that our approach of seeing the world of art and design as dynamic and changeable, is the best way to go and we look forward to discovering how our students will shape their vision for this world.

Extra information for new students

Check out our Student Information Guide 2020 | 2021 for all new WdKA students.

Information for our Non - EU students

We look forward to welcoming all new and sitting students for the academic year in Rotterdam.

Before arriving in the Netherlands, please inform yourself about possible mandatory quarantine regulations and make sure you have completed these before the start of the academic year.

We expect all students to be present for the start of the new year, as we will immediately commence both off-line and online teaching and group forming activities.

Should it be impossible for you to reach us before September 1st, please let us know as soon as you can. We will organise transitional online education to bridge the period. We will offer this only for a limited amount of time, until the end of term 1.

Financial consequences:

  • If you conclude before October 1st that it will be impossible to travel to the Netherlands, full restitution of tuition fee is possible.
  • If you conclude before the end of term 1 that it will be impossible to travel to the Netherlands before January 1st 2021, partial restitution of the tuition fee is possible.