Criteria WdKA Admission

The 3 criteria we will be looking for in the selection process are:

  1. Creative ability - Can you demonstrate a basic creative ability?

You can show this by choosing and using specific materials and methods that work for you. Are you aware of the personal choices and steps you take in your making process? And can you come to original and conceptual answers? 

Your focus is: Experimental use of materials and techniques, abstraction of ideas, original and personal perspective, showing the process. 


  1. Communicative ability - Can you present your work and ideas in a way that that your message is clearly conveyed? Can you show us your passion and fascinations through your visual work and the answers you give us?

 Your focus is: Presenting your work, communicating your ideas, convincing your audience. 


  1. Context awareness - Can you show us how you and your work react to society? How do you relate to the world around you? How and by what do you get inspired and what drives you to make art?

 Your focus is: Shows interest and curiosity in social, cultural developments and trends and can link how this has an effect on you. Awareness of you in relation to others.