Associate Degree Arts & Crafts



This full-time programme’s practical projects and assignments will prepare you for professional craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. It includes lessons in design, subject theory and classes on your chosen area, so that you can expand your creativity and gain greater skills in your chosen area. As the programme focuses on entrepreneurship, you will gain more insight into your position on the labour market. You will learn to think, function and perform from a business and commercial perspective, so that you can launch your products on the market with confidence.

Are you a professional or are you in the final part of secondary vocational education and would you like to continue your studies? This Associate Degree will allow you to develop as a designer and an entrepreneur and to explore these even further. With your ‘Associate Degree’ diploma you can continue in the Willem de Kooning Academy’s Bachelor of Design degree programme.

This two-year higher professional education programme is run by the Rotterdam Academy. For more information, please check the website of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

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