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Kids of the Universe

Perrine Philomeen
Mon 30 Mar
Function Fashion Creative
Year 2018
Major Fashion Design
Practice Social Practices

Let's celebrate superdiversity on a continuously changing globe!


Perrine Philomeen, a.k.a. Kids of the Universe is a visual stylist fascinated by the worldwide transition from traditional non-Western clothing to Western clothing and the other way round. Perrine observes the mix of styles in different cities around the world (like Rotterdam, Jakarta and Nairobi) and with her work, attempts to predict and question future developments in style and fashion.

What is your occupation now?

I had expected my professional life after graduation would be a black hole for a while, but it is rather a chaotic rollercoaster. I am lucky and very grateful that my graduation project has been picked up so well! I have participated in many exhibitions: at Dutch Design Week (YA Present! Powered by BNO), at Melkweg, SBK Dordrecht & Amsterdam and, as we Dutch say, als een kers op de taart (as a cherry on top), I had been chosen as one of the Generation 2019 exhibition at MOAM. I also got different publicities, also by Arab countries' cultural platforms Mille World and CNN Arabia. Which I am extremely excited about! Maybe it is a hint for me to keep on going Eastwards!

Next to all mentioned above, I have worked also on new personal projects as a stylist. Joined the photography competition De Kracht Van Rotterdam’19 and am now working on a commercial project for Susan Bijl as a stylist.

What did you gain from your study?

An important rule: "Stay close to yourself. Believe in yourself!"

Favourite WdKA memory?

The last assessment of the first year took place in restaurant Speck and it was bloody hot! We were all sooo nervous and it was very intense, but at the same time, it was very cosy with all the lovely people from that class. Definitely a great memory!

Hijab in Transition

Sarah Ben Romdane for Milleworld: "Challenging discriminatory narratives one hijab at a time, this series celebrates the fluidity of the hijab.
Perrine Philomeen grew up in the diverse, multicultural community of Rotterdam. And as part of a new generation of European—but globalised—image-makers, she has made it her mission to challenge the white hegemony that has dominated the industry by representing a wide spectrum of race. With her latest project Hijab in Transition, she hopes to eschew mainstream and discriminatory narratives around hijabis and ultimately, redefine beauty beyond the conventional standards imposed by Western societies."

Photography: Harmen Meinsma
Mua: Sophia Sinot

What is the future of your profession in your opinion?

Art Director brings people’s talents together. Together we are more creative, stronger and visualise our concepts better. Working together in this world is key.

You never leave the house without...

Water, keep it liquid!

Any words of advice for future students?

Follow your own path, set your own targets and go for it! And trust me, being capable of good planning is a separate skill. Take time to plan your schedule.

Last Flight Cancelled

A series of photographs created for De Kracht van Rotterdam.
Rotterdam 2025. Crisis on Earth, one natural disaster comes after another. Mother Earth has become uninhabitable. People are in turmoil, looking for a safe destination. And now that the very last flight to a utopian world had been cancelled, there is only room left for the strongest and the fittest. Who will survive?

View the full project here: www.dekrachtvanrotterdam.nl/fotograaf/perrine-philomeen/.

Your favourite recent project?

My Generation ’19 exhibition for MOAM in Amsterdam. Models wearing hijabs of my design walked around during the three-hour exhibition and it looked so great! My designs coming alive, being and working together, it all was really empowering!

Future plans and hopes.

Doing a residency in Morocco and travelling to Dubai! To gain inspiration, learn and delve into a different culture, fashion and feminism in the Arab part of the world!

Arab Glam project