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General Information

The Fine Art Deadline has passed since March 12, it is not possible to apply anymore for 2023-2024.
The registration form will re-open in October 2023 for study year 2024-2025.

If you want to apply for (de)Fine Art, follow the steps as mentioned on this page:

Due to Dutch government regulations, we only have a limited number of places available for candidates applying for the (de)Fine Art department. For this reason we assess all (de)Fine Art applications in one round and we ask all (de)Fine Arts candidates to submit their admission application by the deadline of the 1st round, March 12th  2023.

Before submitting their admission application, candidates have to register at Studielink (see step 1 below) and at WdKA (see step 2 below). The deadline for NON-EU applicants has passed since March 1, it is not possible to apply anymore for 2023-2024.

Please note, this is the deadline to register for the admission (exam). The deadline to complete and submit your admission application is March 12th 2023.

The admission procedure consists of two parts. Assessors of the (de)Fine Arts department will first evaluate your admission exam (see step 3 below). Based on the results of the admission exam they will make a selection of applicants who will be invited to participate in a one-day online workshop. The workshop will give candidates a taste of the WdKA (de)Fine Arts programme as well as for the (de)Fine Art assessors to evaluate which candidates seem like a good fit for the (de)Fine Art department. The final decision of which candidates will be invited to join WdKA will be made and communicated after the workshops.

The dates for the one-day workshop are March 27th 2023, March 28thth 2023 and March 30st 2023. If you are invited to participate in the one-day workshop you will receive an invitation for one of these 3 dates by email. You cannot choose the date yourself, so make sure to keep these dates available.

For more information regarding the tuition fee please click the link below.

Please make sure to read the information about the additional requirements for international applicants through the link listed below.

  • Tuition fee, here
  • Additional requirements International students, here
  • Student Tips and Tricks on Housing, here.

Register at Studielink

The first step in the application process for all Bachelor programmes in the Netherlands is to register at Studielink. This step needs to be carried out before you can apply and register for admissions at WdKA. When you start your application in Studielink, please select ‘Hogeschool Rotterdam’ or ‘Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences’ in order to submit your enrollment request for Willem de Kooning Academy. You will receive a student number through Studielink, which you need to apply at WdKA. Please note: it can take up to a week before you receive your student number from Studielink. Make sure you apply at WdKA well before the application deadline and take into account the processing time for receiving your student number. The Fine Art Deadline has passed since March 12, it is not possible to apply anymore for 2023-2024. Click on the link below to register at Studielink.


Apply to WdKA

After registering at Studielink and receiving your student number, you can apply at WdKA. Please note that you can only apply for one of the Bachelor programmes we offer at WdKA. Through this admission form you can apply to enroll in the 1st or 2nd year. Please click on the apply to WdKA link below. You will receive a confirmation email after application.


Admission Process

After registering with WdKA and receiving your registration confirmation by email, the WdKA Admissions team will process your request and send you an invitation by email to start your admission process. In this email you will find all the information necessary for the application as well as a link to your personal intake page where you can upload and fill in all the materials required. Part of the admission process is the admission exam. The first part of the admission exam consists of 4 sub-parts. Make sure to complete and upload all of them on your intake page! Click on the links below for an explanation of each of these parts and information regarding the admission criteria. A) 2 Assignments B) Questionnaire C) Video D) Portfolio

Assignments Questionnaire Video Portfolio Competencies

Visa Procedure

Students from all counties except EU/EEA countries and Switzerland who wish to attend a Bachelors programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences for more than three months are obliged to obtain a Dutch study residence permit. To make sure you meet all the requirements and deadlines please follow the steps of the Visa Application Procedure through the link listed below.

Additional requirements international applicants


If you are a Non-EU student and want to apply for the Holland Scholarship, you are asked to send in a letter of motivation to Please state in the subject of the email “Scholarship” and the Bachelor you are applying for. Apart from your motivation for applying for the Scholarship, we need the following information in your letter: - Full Name - The Bachelor you are applying to - Student number Keep the letter to a maximum of 1,5 pages (A4) Please note: The number of scholarships we can hand out is limited. Unfortunately, not everyone who meets the requirements will receive a scholarship. Please note that the number of scholarships we can hand out are limited, so unfortunately not everyone who meets the requirements will receive a scholarship.

Scholarships for non-EU students