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General Information

If you wish to study at the WdKA, please follow the steps as mentioned on this page. The deadline for applying at the WdKA is May 1st 2022. It is not possible to apply anymore as a NON-EU student (including British student) or Fine Art student for next academic year (2022-2023).

Please make sure to read the information about the additional requirements for international applicants through the link listed below.

Please note: Fine Art has a separate admission procedure. If you wish to apply for Fine Art, please follow the link Apply for Fine Art  that’s listed below. For more information regarding the tuition fee please consult the page listed below as well.

Deadlines for assessment rounds admission WdKA.

WdKA organises three rounds, during which we carry out the admission assessments. You can register for these rounds through the link listed below. The results of the assessments will be communicated four weeks after the assessment deadline.

Round 1 & 2 are the main admission rounds. If you wish to apply in round 3, please note that we might have a limited number of places left for certain programs. The chances for placement will be smaller than in the first two rounds. Should you apply in the 3rd round and there are no available spots, you can choose to be placed on a waiting list. In case a spot becomes available, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Deadline Round 1:  March 27th 2022  - EU & NON-EU applicants & Fine Arts applicants
Deadline Round 2:  May 8th 2022 - EU applicants
Deadline Round 3:  June 5th 2022  - EU applicants

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Apply at Studielink

The first step in the application is to register for both programs (WdKA and EUR) at Studielink. This step needs to be carried before you apply and register for an admissions assessment at WdKA. You can only apply for one of the majors we offer at WdKA. You will receive a student number through Studielink, which you will need to apply at WdKA and the other Institute of your choice. Please note that it can take up to a week before you receive your student number from Studielink. Make sure you apply at WdKA well before the application deadline and take into account the processing time for receiving your student number. The deadline for EU students of the Studielink registration is May 1st, 2022. The deadline for NON-EU students is March 1st 2022. Click on the link below to register at Studielink.


Apply at WdKA

After applying at Studielink and receiving your student number you can apply at WdKA. Again, please make sure to apply for the other program of your choice at EUR as well. Please click on the link below to apply for one of the bachelors at WdKA. You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your application.

Apply at WdKA

Admission Process

After applying at the WdKA and receiving a confirmation of the application, team Admission WdKA will process your request and send you an invitation by email to start your admission exam. In this email you will find a link to your personal intake page where you can upload and fill out all that is requested. The admission consists of 4 parts. Make sure to complete and upload all of them on your intake page! Click on the links below for explanation on each of these parts and information regarding the admission criteria. Please do not email the documents, links or questionnaire. All must be finalised through the online personal admission page. A) 2 Assignments B) Questionnaire C) Video D) Portfolio

Assignments Questionnaire Video Portfolio Criteria


If you are admitted to both programmes on both institutes please send an email to informing us that you have been admitted.


Visa Procedure

Students from all countries except EU/EEA countries and Switzerland who wish to attend a bachelor’s degree at Rotterdam University at Applied Sciences for more than 3 month, are obliged to obtain a Dutch study Residence permit. To make sure you meet all the requirements and deadlines, please follow the steps of the Visa Application Procedure through the link listed below.

Additional requirements international applicants


If you are a NON-EU student and wish to apply for the Holland Scholarship, you are asked to send in a letter of motivation to Please state in the subject of the email “Scholarship” and the bachelor you are applying for. Apart from your motivation to apply for the Holland Scholarship, please make sure the letter states the following information: - Full Name - Bachelor you are applying for - Student number Please keep the letter to a maximum of 1,5 page (A4)

Scholarships for non-EU students