Additional requirements international applicants

The WdKA remote admission will merely be focused on your artistic eligibility. However, to be able to study at WDKA (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) your academic level should be sufficient as well. Therefore, if you hold a Non-Dutch diploma, please read through below information carefully.

Dutch diplomas can be verified through DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). Therefore, below is not applicable to applicants who hold or will hold a Dutch diploma.

Upload Academic documents

In order to be eligible for any course you must at least hold a secondary school diploma that is equivalent to a Dutch HAVO, VWO or MBO Level 4 diploma. If you want to know in advance if your diploma is sufficient, please take a look at the Nuffic site.

Through the WDKA online application form it is requested to upload the following academic documents for the pre-screening:

  • Original certified copy of High School diploma and final transcript* + certified translation from a sworn translator if originals are not in Dutch, English, French, Spanish or German
  • English test results (IELTS Academic: 6.0 / TOEFL iBT: 80 / Cambridge FCE, CAE or CPE: minimum score of 169)**
  • Copy of your (valid) passport*** If your passport or ID does not mention your birth place, please upload a birth certificate as well


* If at the time of application, you are still in your final year we can also determine your eligibility based on your current transcript plus a statement from your school indicating when and for which diploma you are expected to graduate.

** Check this list to see if you can get exemption for the English test based on your diploma. If your previous education was fully taught in English, you might also have exemption from the English language test. In that case upload your diploma and grade list as proof, stating the languages of instruction is English. Our Screening department will assess if you indeed are exempted to submit English test results.

***If you have submitted two nationalities on Studielink please send both passports.

In case you do not have all academic documents ready, you can still submit your application. Just make sure to upload the documents yourself afterwards.



Once you have been accepted to WDKA on artistic level and submitted all requested academic documents, your details will be forwarded by WDKA Admission to the pre-screening department (CoIA Admission).  If all is deemed sufficient, you will receive a “conditional admission” email from CoIA Admission within 6 weeks.
The next step is to finalize your registration at the Student Service Centre.

If not deemed sufficient, you will receive a rejection email from CoIA Admission via email, within 6 weeks.


Documents to Student Service Centre (SSC)


Besides digital copies, please know that our Student Service Centre will also need certified hard copies of your diploma and grade list before August 31, 2023; Certified copies (signed and stamped) of your diploma and grade list (translation from a sworn translator if originals are not in Dutch, English, French, Spanish or German)

Mailing address:
Rotterdam University
Attn. Studenten Service Center
P.O. Box 25035
3001 HA Rotterdam

Contact form 


Visa procedure

Students from all countries except EU/EEA countries and Switzerland who wish to attend a bachelor’s degree at Rotterdam University at Applied Sciences for more than 3 months, are obliged to obtain a Dutch study Residence permit.

If you have received the conditional admission email from CoIA Admission (pre-screening). Coia Admisson will then forward all applicants in need of a residence permit to CoIA Student Support. CoIA Student Support will contact you and email all necessary information to start the visa procedure. In preparation of this process please consult the link below.

Link Visa application process