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It is with great dismay and sadness that we have learned that

Gerrit Jan Vos
Course leader and tutor Fashion Design at  Willem de Kooning Academy since 2007

has passed away on March 10th, 2017 after only a short time of illness.

Passion, loyalty, artistry, curiosity and obstinacy are characteristic of both his person as his work within the Academy. Gerrit Jan was actively involved in the Academy with a keen interest in other departments. He was actively involved in the changes that we started as from 2012 and was devoted with heart and soul to the world of fashion, design and the changes that are taking place there. Within the world of fashion, he was a strong advocate for more attention to men’s clothing, which he represented in the fashion department of WdKA as well.

The master’s degree at the Sandberg Institute which Gerrit Jan was under-going, marked a new direction in the domain he knew so well. In this domain he was a well-known designer and educator. His sudden death is a shock to colleagues from other fashion study programmes in the Netherlands as well as the professionals in the fashion industry.

We wish his partner Bart and family a lot of strength and power during this sad and difficult time.

Gerrit Jan will be dearly missed by all.

Staff and students Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences