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Circulair Economy

Circulair Economy

November this year second year students of spatial design, fashion and product design collaborated in a project for the municipality of Rotterdam called: “Circular economy”. The city of Rotterdam’s ambition is to play a key role in the future “blue economy” and to make people more aware about the urge of thinking “circular”.

The project started with the launch of a big container stacked with “waste materials”, collected from the citizens of Rotterdam.

These waste materials like leather from abandoned sofa’s, left over metal gas tubes, plastic bags, dog hair etc,. were re-used and transformed into showcase pavilions, clothes, jackets, carpets etc. The WdKA students came with creative and inspiring solutions like a “bicycle Cathedral”, a “waste inflatable pavilion”, a “diamond pavilion”. These pavilions accommodated the fashion and product collection, for example a beautiful poncho made of combed out safety belts, a dog hair carpet and a fancy Lady Gaga style re-used leather outfit .

The exhibition of this project took place in the Red apple gallery and will follow up next year at Stadstimmerhuis Rotterdam.